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James Morrison – The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore

James Morrison tries to melt your brain with his new single as he replaces the upbeat soul of his previous releases with an aptly insipid ‘Christmas Number 1’-geared ballad.

“It’s time to surrender”, he croons in the chorus – no James! NO! We will not give in to your middle-of-the-road musical stodge.

Jeremy Warmsley – Dirty Blue Jeans

Like the musical equivalent of a hyperactive child, Jeremy Warmsley cannot seem to focus his attention on one melody or rhythm for more than a few seconds. The newest single from The Art of Fiction jerks from sublime moment to sublime moment, somehow managing to rise above the fragments with a soaring chorus. Wonderful stuff.

Jamelia – Beware of the Dog

Following the trend of sampling large parts of 80s hits and singing something vaguely associated with the original lyrics over the top (step forward Rihanna…) Jamelia pilfers the good bits from Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus and hollers something empowering and feminist over the top. To put it proverbially – a lot of bark and not much bite.

Lily Allen – Littlest Things

The London belle stops smiling for a while to deliver a collection of her feelings following a break-up. The fairy-tale melody means that it comes across a bit like the sad part in a musical before everything is alright again. This is the sound of the energetic Lily Allen of the summer months deciding to stay in with a bottle of Pinot and have a good moan.

Phunkin DJs ft. Pamela Fernandez – Kickin the Beat

Who needs new rave when old rave still has a pulse? Pamela Fernandez has the classic voice of 90s dance music, so by re-recording the vocal of the 1992 house stomper with the newly assembled Phunkin DJs she’s ready to blow away 2006’s indie dance pretenders. Get in early with the tune that you will be dancing your neon socks off to in Toffs next year.

Gruff Rhys – Candylion

It’s a hard world out there for band members gone solo. For every Robbie Williams there’s a Mel B, and for every Justin Timberlake there’s a Lisa Scott Lee. Fortunately the first single from the Super Furries’ lead singer’s second album is a lovely slice of wistful pop with the cheekiest strings put to record in living memory.

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