Shiny Toy Guns, Live at Night and Day, Manchester


Stepping onto the tiny stage at Night and Day, Shiny Toy Guns look as if they’ve just arrived from another world: one where emo fringes and face paint go hand in hand with throbbing synths and rave bass lines with such electrifying results you’re left wondering why nobody’s ever thought of it before.

That this other world turns out to be Los Angeles explains a lot. Covered in tattoos, with black/blonde hair sprawled across her face, singer Carah Faye renders a formidable force onstage. Her punk rock-charged emo vocals are joined by the gothic stylishness of drummer Mike Martin and pulsating synths of keyboardist Jeremy Dawson.

It’s this complete disregard for convention (as they don’t so much hop between genres as smash a bloody fist straight through them, collecting the debris along the way) that makes Shiny Toy Guns so refreshing.

Although at times they struggle to match the Pretty Girls Make Graves reminiscent vocals to musical innovation, Faye and Petree’s lyrical interplay enraptures male and female members of the audience in equal measures. Managing to pull songs the calibre of ‘You Are The One’ out of the chaos is just an added bonus. Expect to hear these lot filling up indie dance floors near you soon.


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