Enough of what our writers and editors have to say; we sent reporters to find out what York students think of today’s issues

1. How safe do you feel walking on your own in York?
2. How do you feel about reductions in module choices?
3. Do you agree with top-up fees?
4. How do you feel about the ‘noise patrol’ controlling noisy students?

Name: Helen Evans
College: Vanbrugh
Course: Archaeology
Year: Third year

1. It depends on the time and the area. I don’t feel so safe walking alone after 10, so I try to walk with friends.
2.I don’t like that idea. Students won’t do the work unless they’re interested.
3. No, everyone has the right to an education. Top-up fees will put people off and make university more elitist.
4. I’ve never noticed students being particularly noisy. Besides, it’s not just students; my neighbours used to play really loud music.

Name: James Best
College: Alcuin
Course: PPE
Year: Second year

1. I feel fairly safe in York. I am aware of students being intimidated by people on the streets; a boy threatened to put a ‘log in the head’ of a friend of mine once.
2. I’m against restricting students’ choices. I think it’s spoonfeeding students instead of allowing independence.
3. I think non-work related courses will become unpopular with people from lower pay-scales.
4. Obviously student lifestyles can pose a problem for locals. If it only targets students, however, it’s absurd.

Name: Olive Craig
College: Halifax
Course: Philosophy
Year: Third year

1. Generally I feel very safe, but that doesn’t mean I’m not careful.
2. Cutting down on module choices isn’t good, but making some modules compulsory isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
3. To a certain extent I think university should be free for everyone but clearly that isn’t feasible .
4. Some students can be noisy, but I don’t think they should be controlled on campus. We’re all students here so we should be allowed to be noisy.

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