The Needles, Live at JJ’s Halifax College 19/10/06

Buen Chico opened URY’s second gig at JJ’s in two months. Despite losing their bassist to illness, the Leeds-based band frenziedly whipped up a surf-pop storm in the ever-so-slightly souless Halifax bar.

Neo-new wavers, the Hair, followed Buen Chico, and proved to be the highlight of the night. They swiftly excited a small but enthusiastic JJ’s crowd, who reacted in the only way possible: dancing like idiots as if it was about to be rewarded.

The band responded in kind, beating out punk funk rhythms that showed why they are garnering praise from Yorkshire fanzines and national press alike. Their set ended with whole band (and one lucky punter) beating the living daylights out of the drum kit.
Headliners, the Needles, were a somewhat disappointing follow-up; while they oozed stage presence and charisma, they were noticeably short on good songs. Few tracks stood out, and fewer still would have stuck in anyone’s head until the next day. With songs like ‘Girl I used To Know’, their straightforward indie pop set picked up slowly towards the end, but they were something of a let down after the percussive brilliance of the Hair.

Reviewed by Robin Seaton

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