Star Letter: Porters praise

Dear Nouse,

I am shocked to hear the porters are going to be trashed. They are a college resource and if you love your college you should want to keep them; they are at least as important as college bars. I love the porters – especially Keith (followed closely by Ron then Phil!).
The porters have always leant a lisening ear for the students. When you’re down and lonely they are there with genuine concern. When you’re locked out of your room in just a towel they’re there with banter (which I think they must be repeating by now). When you have post they tell you with a smile.

Now they are going to be pooled together. From one night to the next you will get a new porter. You will not know their name and they won’t know yours. The days of the porters being a face you know in your college are numbered.

I cannot see why they are changing something which not only works, but works well. Maybe they are trying to get rid of college spirit or cutting down on the numbers of porters by stealth. What ever the reason, all I see a loss for the next generation of York students.

Name supplied
Derwent College

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