Noisy students anger residents

A house PARTY on Hull Road hosted by University of York students was the latest in a series of events to anger local residents.

The party, which involved around 50 people, was reported to the Environmental Protection Unit at City of York Council in the early hours of Sunday morning. The officer who attended the scene reported seeing “lots of people in the road milling around” causing “general disturbance.”

This comes at a time when both the University and YUSU are working to promote positive relations between students and local residents, after complaints from Badger Hill residents.

YUSU President, Rich Croker, said ‘“living as neighbours is about compromise”, adding that these incidents involve a small minority of students and are “never malicious”.
Over the weekend in which the party took place, City of York Council’s Noise Patrol received over twenty complaints, just one of which involved students.

By Karen Lynch


  1. if these were working class kids making noise, then something would be done. but there middle spoilt kids so hey they get away with it.

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  2. Yeah! Just remember who keeps your father in business…

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  3. Mark, you are three years late. And you can’t spell.

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  4. Actually some of them are Upper Class spoilt kids too.

    So what we do Mark, is pay off North Yorkshire Police and Environmental Health to keep ’em quiet. Costs Daddy a fair bit but hey, it works a treat x

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  5. I’ll post my comment after I get back from this evening’s hunt. I hope my bugle doesn’t wake you up, ‘mark’.


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