Breakfast Blues

In response to last issue’s ‘Last Word’: we have received food vouchers for the Roger Kirk Centre and yeah, it’s pretty generous of the University. Officially.

However, since we have been given breakfast vouchers, the University must assume that we can’t make it without a kitchen. But with Roger Kirk only opening at 9am, needing to be up at the library at 9:15, I can’t get it from there. By the time I’m free, the Roger Kirk centre has finished serving breakfast.

I do have food in my room. I came prepared and there’s nowhere else to keep it. But the Uni doesn’t believe that this is good enough stuff for breakfast.

I haven’t actually eaten anything at the Roger Kirk I’ve disliked – however, my nose is completely blocked and I haven’t been able to taste a thing for a fortnight.

Hannah Bunn, Goodricke College

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