Best of Depeche Mode

Not being old enough to have fully experienced what the 80s pop scene had to offer, the Best of Depeche Mode gives me a pretty good idea of what I missed. If electronica is your thing then I would highly recommend this album as it has does not stray far from that for any of the eighteen tracks on it. Keeping up the synthesized effects for over two decades even ìMartyrî their included new single was not particularly noticeable and will probably appeal only to those already dedicated fans of Depeche Mode. I cannot however deny the obvious success of Depeche Mode, my respect has to go to any band that can survive for 25 years. You will recognize many of the songs, especially ìPersonal Jesusî and ìJust Can’t Get Enoughî and you may even feel the desire to sing along to a few. Undoubtedly this album does include the best of what Depeche Mode have to offer and is a great way to introduce yourself to them if you can’t quite place were you’ve heard their name before. The album is due to be released on the 13th November, and the single on 30th October.

Jade Williamson

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