AU Edge: With AU President Tom Moore

So everyone you know has freshers’ flu, your kitchens are tiny, increasingly health-hazardous and useless, the temperature never seems to get above zero, 9:15 tutorials have started, the ducks are annoying you and that guy down the corridor seems to be taking a little too much interest in you and your family. Despite all this, I would nonetheless put good money on you not wanting to be anywhere else.

It is around this time that you have a choice. You can either spend hours in the library working on your degree, reading the seventy-six books on the reading list and maybe treating yourself to the odd episode of Neighbours.

Alternatively, you could go the other way. Admittedly, this would involve deciding not to turn up to lectures and blagging your way through tutorials. But in doing this, you would free up time to join a club or society. Or, in the case of one fat Geordie named Paul, break everything in your house. There is a happy compromise somewhere but this seems to be as elusive as a Derwent college volleyball win. So what is the point in looking?
So you have the choice of societies, which are the boring things, and Athletics Union clubs, which are the interesting and fun things. My prejudices aside, joining up to the Athletics Union really does change your life at university.

Things that the Athletics Union is doing over the next few weeks include a race night on Saturday, Week 8, and a charity calendar. The charity calendar will be on sale in the Athletics Union office from Week 8 and promises to be exceptional.

On another note, the BUSA season has now started. After a slow start, results are now turning in our favour with solid starts from the football, lacrosse, hockey and rugby clubs – the highlight so far for the rugby team being victory over York St John.

The highlights of this coming Wednesday’s fixtures are the basketball men’s team entertaining Newcastle (in the main hall at 16:00) and the women’s hockey 1st team taking on northern rivals Teesside (at the Astroturf at 13:30). If you find yourself contemplating a lack of things to do on a Wednesday afternoon, then have a walk around the sports fields and see what you’re missing out on. Or you could always crack on with that reading list.

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