Which college catering?

Anticipating an influx of freshers still asking the question, ‘so which colleges are catered then?’, nouse offers a quick guide on where to go when the novelty of cooking your own meals has worn off.


Derwent’s lunch menu mostly stands out for its interesting jacket potato fillings and salads. In the evening the lasagne is especially good, however the lamb curry has a tendency to leave your plate a rather unnerving fluorescent yellow. It is also said to be the easiest place on campus to steal a cheesecake, although we don’t encourage this in any way shape or form.


Langwith doesn’t open for dinner but offers an impressive selection for lunch. Good jacket potatoes, but slightly haphazard with the soup (chunky vegetable; yes, broccoli and stilton; no). It’s also notable for the bizarre discrepancy between the standard of Langwith facilities in general (land of the Babybelling) and their extravagant sandwich fillings, with brie and salmon staples. Langwith is also home to the friendliest serving staff on campus.


Vanbrugh is a very popular option for the can’t cook won’t cook student, and offers the best cheaper deals. It has the widest range of baguettes on campus and is famed for its carvery. However, an informant notes, the side dishes ‘are a bit hit and miss’ and anger and resentment are still brooding over the chances of being charged twice for a slightly too generous portion from the salad bar. The chicken pie is the most mentioned option in a highly unscientific survey, and their curry and a pint deals are also popular.


Goodricke doesn’t serve any food, but they do have peanuts and crisps out
on the bar, which is lovely as long as you trust every student on campus to
regularly wash their hands.


Alcuin College has two catering facilities, the main one being B. Henry’s and the other Cafe Barista which are popular for their lunch time menu, offering your usual baguettes and jacket potatoes. They’re definitely worth crossing the road for, as long as you can be sure to resist the lure of the library.


Award winning cuisine, low prices. It’s hard to believe this is student food, you’ll never look at a jar of Dolmio the same again. Eat it Fresher.

Roger Kirk

The Roger Kirk Centre (insert general ‘Roger’ or ‘Captain Kirk’ gag here) is the closest place to eat for James and Goodricke colleges. It caters the best for vegetarians due to the wider range of choices available. Very good roast chicken and ribs, and a lots and lots of cakes, but a bit more expensive than the others. (The point has been made that you’re likely to buy more food there and that this may account for the price discrepancy)

Halifax – JJ’s

JJ’s is famed for its pizzas and rightly so, a cheaper and more sociable option than ordering from Efe’s (a name you will become overly familiar with in the coming weeks and months) plus the long-ish walk to Halifax and back almost justifies having pizza for your dinner… again.

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