New Eco Officers

New Eco Officers Charlotte Bonner & Clare Hawley discuss their future policies

Change comes at every level. From making sure one light bulb is switched off to ensuring Heslington East is sustainable are all aspects of our work. As a pair we feel qualified to make a difference; one of us, Charlotte, is an experienced environment and ethical officer while the other, Clare, has done a lot of good work with recycling and the ‘Love your bike’ day.

Part of the job is to increase the knowledge on green issues such as energy efficiency, waste management and green transport. This applies to second and third years, as well as first years. There needs to be changes on the ground – we want to finally sort out carrier bag recycling and increase bike security. Students and lecturers should be able to use bikes without fear of theft or damage, especially while on campus.

The bike sale is always a success. Not only does it give students a cheap, green and healthy method of transport, but it also raises money a lot of money. This year it allowed a donation of £1000 to be made to Target TB, which supplies bikes to doctors in Africa.

An extension of the kitchen sale to a campus wide scale would raise more money that can be given away to charity. At the end of the last academic year, we sterilised all kitchen items people did not want and sold them to freshers. With the money raised we bought 11 goats through the Oxfam Unwrapped program.

York University proudly earned fair trade status in 2005. To uphold this status we need to campaign for more fair-trade consumption. Our main target is the vending machines, as increasing access to fair-trade goods allows students to decide easier how their chocolate is made.

Merchandise for JCRCs, societies, YUSU and the AU can currently come from any company. Corners should not be cut to save money by tolerating sweat shops and child labour. We want to see only ethical companies being used.

To do all of this we need people. We want to reward those who run recycling systems on campus. The communication, organisation and support for the college eco-reps must be improved and formalised. Our view is that an official committee should be set up.

Planning is vital to many of the jobs jobs of enviroment officers have to undertake. We will endeavour to plan publicity and events in advance, and use broader media such as Nouse to publicise and raise awareness of campaigns.

We look forward to trying to make a difference. We believe that we have the enthusiasm and experience to make a visible, material

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