Which Fair Trade Treat?

It’s Fairtrade Fortnight, running from 6th-19th March, and with over 1,300 certified product now available it has become even easier to choose fair trade. You can also get involved in the York Fairtrade festival, Saturday Week 10, from 9am till 4 on Parliament Street. In the push to ‘Make Fairtrade Your Habit’, an increasing number of retailers are stocking fair trade products. We were glad to see that the fair trade revolution has now reached York Uni as both Costcutter and Your:Shop have a surprisingly large range of foods to choose from. We took a trip to Your:Shop to try out a selection of treats.

Dubble, Crispy Chocolate Crunch, 42p.

Dubble chocolate bar not only bears the fair trade mark, but is also supported by Comic Relief. This milky bar of chocolate is mainly aimed at a younger market, increasing awareness of fair trade at every level. The ethos of dubble is to offer ‘fair play for cocoa growers’, not only are you helping them achieve this goal by making the purchase but you also get a delicious bar filled with crispy chocolatey goodness. You may be under the impression that these products may skimp on size but this is certainly not true as the large pieces of chunky chocolate were more than enough.

Geobar, Raisin and Apricot Cereal Bar, 39p.

This cereal bar made a nice change from the usual nurtigrain bars which seem to have saturated the morning snack market. It was lovely and sweet, and not at all sticky or chewy. The combination of oats, raisins and apricot was really effective, and you should defiantly try the rest of the selection available in the range, including cranberries, honey and pineapple.

Divine, Orange Milk Chocolate, 55p.

Divine’s cocoa comes from a farmers’ group called Kuapa Kokoo whose motto is “pa pa paa”, which means “best of the best” in their local language. When buying Divine you get the best of the best chocolate and the cocoa farmers get a fair and secure price for their crop. Divine is also supported by Comic Relief but also has links to Christian Aid, making it a truly charitable treat!

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