Closures are end of college system

Julian Hammerton talks up the importance of our campus bars

Outside in the rain
I see groups of three,
Making points to the
Stopping work they try for a greater good,
I think everyone agrees that they should.

I am talking not about our striking lecturers, but about truly important things, this of course being our campus bars, and their protectors.

Dressed in yellow t-shirts collecting signatures are students. I have been pleasantly surprised at how well the students and the SU have organised all this action. I will be surprised if they can’t get almost everyone they ask to sign!

In extreme cases some bars will only open twice a week, and this all in the name of saving £50,000. I grew up with the campus rumours that only Derwent was profitable and that there was a catfish which ate ducks. At first I thought maybe closing unprofitable bars is not so unlike the real world. Then I realised that the catfish was probably just a carp, ducks can dive underwater to feed and that overall the bars make a profit of £100,000.

Having your own bar gives a sense of having a sanctuary

The attempt to save money is pure short term thinking. If a bar is hardly open, then who visits it? If you want to go to a bar on campus you don’t go through the hassle of making your way to a venue that could potentially be closed. Consumers think with their feet – they will flock to the seven day a week bars in town. This short term saving could mean more cuts in the future. It reminds me of when a new kebab shop opened in my village. It was closer and better than the Chinese take-away, but some of us stayed faithful. Others knew nothing of that faith and the Chinese now struggles.

Having your own bar compounds a sense of having a sanctuary. Imagine in Fresher’s week having to go to another college’s bar (James makes up for being bar-less with nice toilets). A college will become nothing more than a badge of honour. What if we end up with a few large bars on campus, will we really be collegiate anymore? How about if there is event in Bar one, Bar two is karaoke and Bar three is too far to walk in the rain. Do I really go with my friends to karaoke? These actions really makes me worry that the university life I so loved will be dead to the next generation of York students.

Sadly, the university will not be swayed by a one week boycott. We students can do nothing but sit back and watch the nature of the collegiate system change.

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