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Enough of what our writers and editors have to say, we sent reporters to find out what York students think of today’s issues.

1. Have you been doing anything for RAG week?
2. Do you feel there is easy access to drugs on campus?
3. Do you think top-up fees are affecting university applications?
4. How do you feel about 2nd and 3rd year accommodation shortages?

Name: Jason Hilton

College: Goodricke
Course: Politics
Year: 2nd Year

1. No, I was planning on going to the parade but I didn’t get to in the end
2. I don’t know anywhere to get drugs. I’ve never really seen any being taken on campus.
3. Well if you look at the previous trends, top-up fees seem to be the reason for the decline in applications.
4. I am concerned for my friends that applied to live on campus that are now going to have to find houses.

Name: Laura Plested

College: Langwith
Course: Politics
Year: 1st Year

1. I was rubbish. I really should of done something but I just didn’t get the chance!
2. I haven’t really seen anything apart from cannabis. I haven’t exactly been looking though!.
3. Definately. Lots of people applied earlier in order to avoid them and we are seeing the results now.
4. I know so many people who are looking for accomodation and this might cause them problems.

Name: Isolyne Asare

College: Derwent
Course: Electronics
Year: 2nd Year

1. The rugby girls all went in their kits but unfortunately I had to work so couldn’t go.
2. People I know take drugs but I don’t really know how to get access.
3. I think people will come to university anyway really.
4. I applied for a university room but it doesn’t look like I will get it. Loads of people are going to have to find private accomodation now.

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