The Strokes, Hull City Hall

The Strokes, Hull City Hall

The day spent on the grim streets of Hull, in a queue longer than guitarist’s newly acquired mane, was worth every girl’s shiver, every odd look and every copper thrown at what the public assumed to be a party of tramps. These ‘tramps’ were the tiny number of fans who were dedicated enough to acquire Strokes tickets for Hull (one letter away from “hell” as the support act reminded us). In a haze of guitars, slung stylishly around their hips, constraining t-shirts, chipstick legs and chiselled cheekbones, the band enter, and slide smoothly into one of their new offerings, Ize of the World. It’s clear from the crowd’s screams, flying converse and neck-wrenching head bangs that the New Yorkers have been greatly missed during their absence.

After Corona-addled mumblings of appreciation, the leather jacket clad Julian effortlessly drawls out their new single Heart in a Cage; the romantic lyrics, searing guitars, frantic drums and all round electrifying energy of which blows our beer-sodden heads. As well as showcasing their new album, First Impressions of Earth, the band also rampage through previous albums, the wiry perfection which would subdue any critic. One can only pray that their inhumanly cool presence will be gracing our festivals this summer

Reviewed by
Camille Augarde


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  1. why so rude about Hull. I recall J Casablanca saying how cool the city was………..

    lazy journo

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