Star Letter: Security worry

Regularly I receive emails from college administrators and university security stressing the importance that we “report suspicious activity” and “never reveal our door code”.

I live in an old college with more than just the standard study bedrooms along my corridor. Almost every day now I have varying numbers of students wandering through the kitchen, using the bathroom and just generally loitering around our residence while waiting for seminars that take place in a room at the end of the corridor.

What my point really is, is that surely it is hypocritical of the university to on the one hand tell us the importance of us taking responsibility for our security while on the other hand giving the door code out to God knows how many students, who are then free to give it to whom ever they want.

With all the robberies that have been reported recently on campus I think a change of policy is needed in that either seminar rooms should be removed from residence corridors or someone is on the door to let students in and out.

I hope this will be taken into consideration.

Derwent College

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