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In response to your review of ‘Monty’s bar’ in your last edition. This bar is truly crap and empty most of the time. Its staff are rude and it serves the worst cocktails I have ever had in my whole life. If I want to pay that much for a crap cocktail I’ll go to the Living room or Capital (at least the staff are friendly!). Also the music is cheesy popular stuff, that could hardly be classed as ‘rock’. Avoid this place at all costs!

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  1. Like Churchill, however much I disagree with what someone is saying I shall (usually) defend to the death their right to say it. In this case I shall just assume we’ve been to different establishments, otherwise I might lose sleep wondering why someone so very enamoured of chain bars might want to read the bar and restaurant section. Tempting as it is to invoke all manner of cliches regarding the illegitimate Burberry ensemble that a Living Room habituee might sport, I shall instead console myself with the fact that my assailant is not always capable of constructing a full sentence.
    LucyLu (B&R Bitch)

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  2. I’m going to have to go ahead and agree with the Victoria – Monty’s is awful. I could forgive the poor choice of music and unfriendly decor, however I cannot forgive the cocktails, which are made with a complete lack of imagination and flair. Evil Eye may be over-rated, but with competition like this I can see why.

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