Delighted at York coverage

I am writing to convey my delight in coming across this article by Mr Kalinke [“Singapore executes Australian heroin traffiker” Nouse, December 2005], I myself am Singapore postgraduate student studying at Southampton and am disgusted at the lack of media coverage both nationally and locally over the execution of this man obviously placed in a desperate situation and having resort to desperate means in order to help what anyone would believe to be the most important people in their lives, his family.

I cannot begin to understand how executing people such as Nguyen can have any benefit politically in Singapore which champions itself as a ‘modern’ country. It merely seems to be an obvious point for people to step in and change my country’s disfigured policies towards punishment. Mr Kalinke has shown dynamism and intelligence in drawing people’s attention to this policy. The consequences of the media ignoring this outcry, which in essence can be interpreted as not disagreeing with these actions, may have repercussions in other people such as Nyguen’s lives who are unfortunately made examples of by a prehistoric Singaporian governmental ‘policy.’

Thank you again York Students and Mr. Kalinke for making this statement

Wai Chung Tung
University of Southampton

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