Court case descends on sleepy Hopkinton

The small Massachusetts town of Hopkinton is a predominantly middle-class town. Its population is just over 14,000, the average age of which is 36. The average household income equates to just over £51,000 and to buy one of said houses will set you back a cool £180,000. The employed among the town’s population invariably works locally or commutes to nearby Boston.

Hopkinton has a high school, shops and a church.It also has a police station which in recent weeks has been transformed from asleepy local authority into the focus of a crime that hasshocked the world. On the morning of 20 January, it is alleged that Neil Entwistle shot to death his wife,Rachel, and baby daughter, Lillian, before fleeing to his native England.The case has captivated Massachusetts, with television crews reporting round the clock on the latest goings-on.

Andrew Hush graduated from York in 2002 and currently works in Boston.

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