SU President Micky Armstrong

SU President Micky Armstrong appeals to students to get involved in restructuring the SU constitution.

The times they are a-changing. Hopefully. As you may well know by now there is a proposed constitution being taken to Tuesday’s UGM. and it has been seen by some as controversial. Many of you may not care about strategic plans, governance reviews or democratically elected trustee representatives, but I do – it’s my job to.

Everybody agrees that the structure of our Union needs to change. We have over a hundred different societies and over fifty sports clubs, yet many of their members would not feel that they are part of the Union. Nobody seems to know exactly how much work is put in to allow opportunities for students to partake in activities during their university careers. Because nobody knows nobody cares and because nobody cares nobody gets involved and if nobody gets involved we can’t provide these opportunities nor can we act, as students want us to.

The proposed constitution put forward by this year’s sabbatical team looks to address this downward spiral; our aim is to set up a Union Senate, which will run very much like the current Executive Committee does, but will include more officers and more students so the Union can be directed as our membership wants.

For years, apathy, inconsistency and bad press have hindered us; the new system will change this. It will give MORE students a chance to give their opinion. You can decide who plays at gradball, you decide if we should campaign for peace in Iraq YOU can get involved with the running of YOUR Union.

I am not asking you to simply agree with our proposed changes; I am not asking you to disagree with them either. What I would like to urge you to do is get involved with this, the most important action the Union has taken in its history.

You can check out our changes at; let us know what you think. Don’t be fooled by what some posters may say, don’t be persuaded by reading this article; read the summary of six months of hard work from your sabbatical team and make your own mind up.

If we do not change now we may never, we may lose out to top-up fees and future developments. Don’t let this happen.

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