Stone Roses Bar, King Street

Hailing from the soggy streets of Manchester, I took a little offence at a bar in York naming itself after one of “our” bands. However, it’s not the worst place I’ve been to, and it does have a charm all of its own.

The bouncers have a strange policy of letting people in, which is: they don’t. Inside, it may be pretty empty, but there is still a large queue outside. It does have live bands, which is a massive plus, and they’re not bad either. The music is what you might expect from the name of the place and it also has a small bandstand at the back which doubles as a dancefloor when there isn’t a band on. The bar has a strange selection of drinks. Thwaites beer is the house bitter, along with some sort of European lager called Kaltenberg, which was quite nice (it did what lagers are supposed to do, anyway), and £6.70 for three pints is not bad for a late-licensed place in York.

Whenever somebody tips the bar staff they ring the bell, very confusing, at least, after that many Kaltenbergs, to know when last orders really has been called. About five minutes after the bar closed they started getting people to leave rather than giving twenty minutes drinking up time. Not a bad place to go for a few, but don’t stay till the end.

Reviewed by
Luke Abraham

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