Star Letter: Lib Dems Speak Back

I’d like to take issue with Greg Tibbs’ take on my comments in his letter of the 12th December last. He accurately quotes me as saying, “the political system doesn’t offer any real choice” a comment he counters by saying that people aren’t interested in “choices put forward by the Lib-Dems”.

This biased dismissal ignores an important issue that transcends party politics. Whether or not people are interested in the choices put forward by the Lib-Dems is not the issue. The fact is that Britain has a voting system that is demonstrably unfair, where many votes simply do not count and where realisation of this fact increasingly causes disenchantment with the political process. I think it is clear proper choice is not being offered by a system in which, at the 1997 election, it took 32,376 votes on average to elect a Labour MP but 113,826 to elect a Liberal Democrat one; in which, at the same election, the Liberal Democrats had 13% support in Scotland and the Tories 18% yet the Lib-Dems held 10 Scottish seats and the Tories none, and in which the Labour party can force through any policy that it likes.

I suggest that if Mr Tibbs wants to be able to use his vote effectively, to make sure the Lib-Dems do not gain power if he so desires, he considers more seriously the actual state of the political system rather than trying to reduce this critical issue to a party political one.

Graeme Cooke
UoY Liberal Democrats

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