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Moby, Slipping Away

There was a time when I quite liked Moby. Maybe it was because I was 14. Slipping Away sounds just like Moby looks; bland, lonely, self-pitying. Like all of his recent singles, it replaces any kind of emotion or energy with a canned electronic drumbeat. It is contrived, formulaic, and yawn-inducing. If this is the best he can muster for a single, listening to the album must feel like being banished to the surface of the moon.

Richard Hawley, Just Like The Rain

An unassuming ballad from Richard Hawley, a man who sounds as if he should be singing over the opening credits of a 1950s frontier film. Simple, country-ish acoustic guitar, strains of violins, a mildly upbeat double-bass line, and a deep, mellow voice. It’s pleasant and inoffensive, and I’m sure Norah Jones fans and grandmas everywhere will love it.

Supergrass – Coffee In The Pot

Forget any idea you may have about Supergrass, We Are Young or Moving this ain’t. A two-minute instrumental, this is an unlikely single, but it’s all the more brilliant for it. Imagine three Mariachis, complete with sombreros, fake moustaches and cheeky grins, playing outside a bull ring to Butch Cassidy. It’s so happy, and of such cheery comedic value, it’ll make you want to whistle down campus corridors and wink at all the girls passing by.

Skindred – Pressure

Reggae – punk metal fusion: apparently it’s going to change the face of rock music. Fortunately, this seems unlikely. Pressure sounds like it should be on a NOW album from 99, next to a song by the Offspring, and remind you of those hot summers spent lying in the park after school. As it is, Pressure is like Limp Bizkit trying to sound Jamaican; embarrassing and cringeworthy.

Idiot Pilot – A Day In The Life of A Poolshark

An intriguing single from this new band, which can only be described as eclectic. Opening on what sounds something like an electronic music box, the song moves into expansive verses reminiscent of OK Computer-era Radiohead. However the record is nearly ruined by the presence of ugly shouting and screaming purporting to be backing vocals. Nevertheless, this single remains worth a listen: promising stuff.

Singles this week were reviewed by Mike McGovern.

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