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In response to the article regarding library opening times, I feel that the Educational Campaigns officers should be praised. For once, people on the SU have actually fulfilled their promises, and the library opening later is definitely a success for the officers. At a time when all social events on campus are failing, and promises made by previous presidents are not being fulfilled, we finally have people who are willing to make a difference. I see the change in opening times as the start, maybe in years to come we may see 24hr opening times, but for this we need to see people using the facilities.

With regard to the money from fines, I believe that this IS being well spent – I often find that I manage to pick up the last copy of a book in the library to find that a label in the front says ‘bought from library fines’. If there aren’t the books in the library, then why would people want to stay there all round the clock?

As a campus newspaper I think that you are taking the completely wrong attitude on this, and should be promoting the fact that we should use it or lose it, as in reality, this is what will happen.

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