Drink spiking hits Derwent

ANOTHER undergraduate student has allegedly had her drink-spiked at Club D in the first week of term, following a similar event at the same place in December last year.

The undergraduate, who has declined to be named, had to be taken from Club D within 45 minutes of arriving, with a headache and nausea.

The student had only two glasses of wine before entering the event. She bought a drink from the bar, drank half of it then went to dance and left it on the side unattended. She was aware there “was a group of guys there” but thought nothing of it. After dancing for 30 minutes, she returned from dancing nearby and finished her drink.

The student said she would not leave a drink unattended in a bar or club in town. “It was just because it’s a Club D, adding “It’s not something I would assume is going to happen to me at York University. There are a lot of smart people around, why would they do this?”.

The student reported that within 15 minutes of finishing the drink, “I started feeling really crap and my legs felt really weak, the room started to spin and I thought I was going to faint.” At this point several of her friends helped her upstairs to her room where she was violently sick and passed out.

The student was not admitted to hospital but her friends suspected her drink had been tampered with. “I actually didn’t drink that much compared with all of my house mates”.

The following morning, the student continued to suffer from headaches and nausea. Despite the incident, she said “I was just glad that nothing major happened to me, I was so lucky, I could have had an allergic reaction”

The student did not contact the police but brought it to the attention of the Derwent JCRC. She said “I thought thats its something that everyone needs to know about”. However, she has criticised the SU for not doing enough to raise awareness on campus.

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