Beth Orton, Comfort of Strangers

It seems that not even musicians are immune to the ageing process, and neither is their music. This latest release from Singer-songwriter Beth Orton sadly lacks a lot of the indefinable edge and spirit that ran through her earlier albums, although is still a thoroughly enjoyable release.

‘Comfort of Strangers’ is a mellow yet surprisingly infectious affair; the kind of album you’d have playing in the background when sipping wine on a warm summer evening and watching the sun set over the hills. Admittedly the songs don’t leap out and grab you straight away, but the more you listen, the more you will find yourself humming them unconsciously, when you least expect it.
Beth’s voice is captivating as ever; her guitar work is simple yet effective and although the production on the album is very well done, it doesn’t distract you from that sublime song-writing that Orton is famous for.

Certainly a beautiful album; you really need to allow yourself the time to throw aside your troubles and bask in its’ lazy tunefulness in order to discover it’s full potential. Full of credibility, soul and sunshine, with this release Orton is ready to take on the Meluas of this world and win with style.

Out 13/02/06

Reviewed by Aaron Carey

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