Battling complacency

You’ve got to feel for Neil Barnes: barely a week after he starts his new campaign to raise awareness of drink spiking and York had its first instance for as long as anyone can remember on campus. Now it has come to light that a second occured only a few weeks later. Many are seeing it as a worrying situation, but should we really be surprised?

Obviously a night out on campus remains much safer than a night out in town: Doorsafe provide more staff per head than any York club or bar and students, generally, tend to be a better behaved group than your average Saturday night clientele.

The worry is that these factors have made students complacent, unaware that the same risks that exist in the big clubs also exist, albeit to a lesser extent, on campus. As the recent incidents have proved, as long as drinks are left unattended then having something slipped into them will always be an issue, a fact that can’t be changed by an increase in staff on the door or by how much you trust your peers.

Students are simply taking greater risks on campus than they would do in The Gallery or Toffs. This is why Nouse are standing solidly behind the SU’s campaign, Drinksafe. Awareness is the only way in which this issue can be tackled, and Neil Barnes and the SU were rightly already informing students before the first incident had come to light. The key now is to continue as the fight against complacency must not become complacent itself.

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