According to government reports, spelling is improving throughout the UK and this is why more people are going to university. Given this, it was no wonder that Goodricke Chair, Mat Burren, was outraged at the misspelling of his name in the last edition.

I’d like to take this opportunity to reassure Matte Berton that any spelling mistake was unintentional and probably due to the immense fatigue that the editorial team are faced with before the release of every edition. Matt Burron may have also noticed that in that same article my name was also misspelt too and all they had to do was copy and paste it from the by-line where it was correctly spelt. I think I’m going to start slapping people with dictionaries.

I’m an editor for God’s sake, and they still don’t even know my name. Alright, I know it’s a dodgy sounding foreign one. You can call me Smith.

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