Arrest in Halifax burglary case

A SUSPECT HAS been arrested in connection with the robbery of three Halifax residents last week.

The crimes were committed in quick succession during Thursday and Friday in houses J, G and F of Lindley Court Halifax College.

The total value of the items stolen, which include a wallet containing £40 cash, a purse and mobile phone, was estimated at close to £300.

PC Chris Poole of Fulford Police confirmed that “a youth” had been arrested in connection with the robberies, but no further details were available about the individual concerned. The suspect is pending charge, and no court date has yet been set.

The robbery from house J is believed to have occurred between 1 and 2pm on Thursday 8th December, though the times of the other robberies are as yet unconfirmed.

Resident David Man-sell, a first year Economics and Finance student, was the victim of the first robbery. He said “It all must have happened in the space of an hour, I came in, threw my wallet on my bed, left for an hour, came back and it was gone. Having thought I simply may have lost it, I searched for hours and when I still couldn’t find it I reported it to the porters”.

The porters then contacted the police, who interviewed the residents before beginning their investigation. All three victims were adamant that their bedroom doors had been locked prior to their departure, and police found no sign of forced entry in any of the rooms.

Other residents in the houses in question were present at the time of the robbery, but were unaware of the crimes being committed.
Resident John Prebble said: “what is surprising is the audacity of the thief, to do so many robberies in such quick succession”. Since police have arrested their suspect no further thefts have been reported.

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  1. 13 Dec ’05 at 11:26 am

    Donald Johnson

    It just shows you how awful the Lib Dem council is on crime!


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