Enough of what our writers and editors have to say, we sent reporters to find out what York students think of today’s issues

1. Should sexual imagery be used in campus publicity?
2. Should ‘Ask YUSU’ harassment be tolerated?
3. How did you decide who to vote for in the JCRC elections?
4. Would you pay cash to someone promising a fees discount?

Name: James Roberts
College: Vanbrugh
Course: Health Sciences
Year: 3rd Year

1. There shouldn’t be a problem provided that the imagery used is not too gratuitous. If it doesn’t offend anyone then it is fine.
2. People should put across concerns decently. There are proper channels for those with personal grievences.
3. I abstained as I feel not enough was done to promote those standing to people living off campus.
4. Probably not. I would check the credentials of someone before handing anything over.

Name: Maria Humphry
College: Halifax
Course: Sociology
Year: 1st Year

1. I don’t see why it is necessarily needed but it should be ok as long as it doesn’t cause personal offence.
2. The forum should be moderated. It is a good idea but should not be left open to abuse.
3. Based on the candidates believability. Some people put forward simply ridiculous policies.
4. No way at all. The only people I would trust with regards to tuition fees would be people that I knew were officially connected to the university.

Name: Keerthi Kollimada
College: Langwith
Course: P.P.E
Year: 3rd Year

1. The problem is with the balance of freedom of speech and public offence. If there is a number of complaints it probably shouldn’t be run.
2. The whole point is to provide an open forum. Unfortunately that means putting up with the bad bits.
3. Living away from the main college I feel detached from the politics. More of an effort should be made by the JCR.
4. Common sense needs to prevail. People should follow the advice given to them.

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