Which toddy?

Despite the fact that the older generation of gruff Yorkshiremen take sheer delight in describing the current weather conditions in York as ‘fresh’, the increasing number of ear-muffed and mittened students on campus is a testament to the icy winds and persistent rain that have been dogging the university’s usually bright and (not overly) breezy hillocks lately. Really, the only valid way of seeking solace from the unrelenting seasonal affliction of the outdoors is in a good old- fashioned hot toddy to warm your cockles and your icy hearts.

Starbucks’ Eggnog Latte, £3.09

Described as a ‘rich and creamy holiday classic’ on Starbucks’ website, this sickly concoction is enough to make even a hardened chocoholic with a very sweet tooth heave. One’s urge to gag is further increased when the enormity of the price for this sacherine offering is realised. I do not know if anyone would be brave or stupid enough to shell out for a large one of these babies, but I sincerely pity the fool who does. Starbucks have overdone it on the rich and creamy and after tasting this offering, I’m in thorough need of a holiday.

Lendel Cellars’ Cheeky Vimto, £4.60

Usually containing two shots of port and a few lashings of WKD blue, many people have disputed the Cheeky Vimto’s actual likeness to Vimto. However, I feel that Purple Ronnie would be very proud of this concoction. You would also be wrong in confusing it with Ribena; such an error will ruin the whole experience. We do feel this price is ridiculously expensive (despite its ability to get most people extremely drunk) and suggest that a much easier solution is to buy some lovely TKW from Tesco and a bottle of port to make your own… Be warned that whilst in a moment of randomness you may be inclined to add alcohol to your average Vimto cordial, alas it is not the same. Not only will it induce calpol-related memories, but also its effects won’t even come close to those of the notoriously ‘Cheeky’ Vimto.

Plonkers’ Mulled Wine, £2.95

When the weather outside is frightful, and you are feeling full of sing-song festive glee, get down to Plonkers for some Mulled Wine; only then can you really take in the spirit of Christmas. This spiced winter warmer is not only alcoholic but is also the perfect concoction to dispel any chills and shivers that might afflict you in sober moments. Served in the same measure as a small wine glass, this classic hot toddy definitely hits the spot.

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