System of a Down, Hypnotize

For those among us who like their music hard, fast, nonconfirmist and unforgiving, Hypnotize could well be the album for you. Once again, the band manages to seamlessly mix political statement with ear splitting guitar, and often bizarre arrangements – with the explosive consequences which have now become their trademark (see album highlight Visions of Obscenity).

This may, however, also be the problem with the album: it is almost predictably unpredictable. Adjacent songs such as the title track, Kill Rock and Roll and Stealing Society tend to merge together in a plethora of guitar distortion and hollering, which, guys, it wouldn’t hurt to break up once in a while.

I am sure that, despite its somewhat stagnant feel, Hypnotize will strike all the right chords with the large and loyal fanbase that the group has accumulated over the past few years.

However, if you are not a hardened fan of SOAD, I certainly would not recommend this album. The band’s eponymous debut and their second effort, Mezmerize, are easier on the ear, and give a far better representation of just what this group can do with a 12 track L.P.

Reviewed by Gemma Day


  1. The review of System of a Down’s new album “Hypnotize” contains quite a large error. I quote “The band’s eponymous debut and their second effort, Mezmerize, are easier on the ear…”. I am not a die-hard System of a Down fan but even I know that Mezmerize was at least the fourth album from them; the reviewer seems to have forgotten the two albums between Mezmerize and the self-titled debut, “Toxicity” and “Steal this album”. If your going to state facts in a review you’d better make sure they’re correct, or people, like me, won’t think you really know what you’re talking about.

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  2. Hello there…I reviews this album, and there is make a mistake here…

    I have all of System of a Down’s albums…

    (S.O.A.D., Steal this album, Toxicity, Mezmerize and Hypnotize – IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER). The review should have read previous, bit of a fatal typo.

    Apologies, I feel rather embarrassed now, new Music Editor and I make a mistake reviewing one of my favourite bands.

    Sorry everyone, shaln’t happen again.


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  3. I reviews this album? Dear God I’ve lost the power of literacy…

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  4. I am sorry you feel this way because i think the album is totally awesome and if you are not a fan of the band you should not even think about making a comment on them or their music should you. You ask any number of SOAD fans out there and they will agree with me.

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