SU criticisms not warranted

People should really get off the Student Union’s back for a while. It seems as though everywhere I look I am reading people attacking them from left, right and centre. Like it or not, they are there to do a job and I am sure they and everyone else would much appreciate it if a little bit of support was shown for them every now and then.

With regards to the budget cuts, maybe if there were less ridiculous societies around (naming none in paticular) then there would be more money available in the budget for those that actually serve a useful purpose.

The cut in the JCR budget could possibly be made up easily if they were to cancel their Sky TV subscriptions which. to me, seem a wholly unnecessary amenity.

My worry is not how much money has to be cut from the central SU budget but how much of the money available is wasted by the organisations that are subsidised by it.

I believe that the SU does a good job looking after the interests of York students under difficult circumstances and thus deserves our respect.

Will Andrews

Halifax College

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