Star Letter: Political socs talk rubbish

Having read the section entitled “York’s political societies speak out”, there are a few points I would like to comment on.

Firstly, in reference to the “Birmingham Race Riots”, Anna Liddle and Catherine Upton of the Unity Anti-Fascist society provided no explanation for exactly why government anti-terror laws are “racist”. The R-word should not be thrown around without good reason.

I was also annoyed at Catherine Upton’s statement that “Unity were involved in getting a BNP demo in Keighley banned last Saturday”. We live in a democracy, surely as an anti-fascist society they must be interested in safeguarding the rights of free speech and free protest. Just to point out, I am not remotely sympathetic to the BNP or their policies.

Moving on, the chair of the Liberal Democrat society talked of how “the political system doesn’t offer any real choice”. I might suggest that perhaps people simply aren’t interested in the ridiculous choices put forward by the Lib Dems, rather than all aspects of the political system.

Just for balance, Nick Reeves, the campus Conservative Society Chairman, pointed out that “Tony Blair is a Conservative leader”. I ask then why the Conservatives have spent the best part of the last decade complaining about him then?!

With regards to the column about the smoking ban, Matt Balding comments that “we have liberties that conflict, one being that people don’t want to be in an atmosphere where there’s smoking”. Why should the government tell someone who owns a pub that they’re not allowed to have people smoking on their property? Don’t go to the pub if you don’t want to stand in a smoky atmosphere, I am sure you won’t be missed.

For the record, I do not support any particular political party nor do I smoke.

Greg Tibbs

Vanbrugh College

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  1. 12 Dec ’05 at 5:23 pm

    Donald Johnson

    Political socs do talk rubbish – the Greens,Lib Dems and Conservatives more than most.


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