Fresher’s Cafe, J.B Morrell Library

Tucked snugly under the J.B. Morrell library and overlooking the rolling hill lies the small haven of Fresher’s Café. There’s something oddly alluring about Fresher’s. Perhaps it’s the painfully uncomfortable chairs, relentless icy wind coming through the windows that must remain open on pain of death, or the endless variety of food available: baguettes or jacket potatoes, and for those lucky vegetarians, cheese or egg!

While the service remains of the highest quality, it gets a bit complicated if you ask for a jacket potato before 11.30am. However, if you ask nicely, they’ll even put it on a plastic plate rather than one of those polystyrene bowls that inadvertently ends up being mistaken for a particularly chewy potato skin on the end of your matching plastic fork.

This winning element not only benefits you, but crucially assists in the ongoing campaign to reduce unnecessary waste in the world, which is why Fresher’s is so cutting edge in terms of its priorities. It knows that in life, what’s most important is cheese, egg, jacket potatoes and the environment. The next time you hear the joyful sound of lunch ringing out through the ventilation system in J. B. Morrell’s audio visual room, don’t just listen, go sample and enjoy.

Reviewed by Ayla Ozkan

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