Derwent fire spreads fear

The recent fire in a Derwent B Block kitchen has highlighted the danger which students face when being careless with potential fire hazards. As revealed by the University’s Facility manager many lives would have been lost if it wasn’t for the fire door being closed at the time.

Yet when entering most campus accomodation you find damaged fire extinguishers and chairs propping open potentially life-saving fire doors and students being totally oblivious or maybe just complacent about the health risks involved.

Off campus the conditions can be worse, with no fire doors in most rented accomodation, smoke alarms which are unmaintained and old fire extinguishing equipment, the potential for fire in the hands of a careless, un-qualified cook can be quite substantial.

So without sounding too condescending, we are careless people in general and accidents happen. So lets ensure when they do they are maintained like the fire in Derwent before lives and personal property are lost.

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