The Kitchen Diaries, Nigel Slater

I unashamedly adore Nigel Slater, dutifully saving his lovely recipies from his Observer column and firmly following his adage, established in his earlier book, Appetite, that a recipe is merely a guide – cooking is all about inventive improvisation. Now, when I haven’t been shopping for weeks and have only frozen peas and lentils to live off, but want to cook lasagne, I’m no longer afraid to ‘do a Nigel’ and experiment.

My own kitchen diaries aside, Slater’s new book is another highly original feat of cookery writing, combing beautiful prose with heart-warming food. Slater guides us through the trials and tribulations of a year in his kitchen, sharing his most successful culinary ventures. The book is divided up into monthly sections, highlighting the importance of using seasonal ingredients. The photography is mouth-watering and is all taken in Slater’s own kitchen, of food he genuinly made and then ate.

In a proffession at times eclipsed by the marketing monster that is Jamie Oliver, Slater is a down to earth voice, bringing us natural, wholesome and uncomplecated food. I love him.

£25.00, Fourth Estate

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