Enough of what our writers and editors have to say, we sent reporters to find out what York students think of today’s issues

1. Should Halifax students have eaten a campus rabbit?
2. Could you live on campus for your entire degree?
3. What impression has this year’s Students’ Union left on you?
4. Has Vanbrugh been taken over by commercial interests?

Name: Ken Toe
College: Vanbrugh
Course: Music Tech / Electronics
Year: 1st Year

1. It sounds horrific. I thought you’d get kicked out of Uni.
2. I’d love to stay on campus. In fact I’m planning to stay on campus next year. It brings us together and it’s easy to socialise. I want to stay on campus for three years.
3. They just seem to bitch a lot between themselves. Im sure they are doing some good stuff, but I’d like to hear about it more.
4. Its a shame, but I’m not a member of a society affected by it.

Name: Jasmina Mataz
College: James
Course: History of Art / English
Year: 1st Year

1. They should be shot and cooked.
2. I would, because I’m just getting to know everyone. It would be nice to stay for another year.
3. I started off with good expectations, but some officers haven’t done their jobs properly and the UGMs have been a mess.
4. Definitely. Vanbrugh is the best college and having their society space taken away is rubbish. Heslington east is also about commercial interests and not students.

Name: Angeline Delebecq
College: Goodricke
Course: Linguistics
Year: Visiting Student

1. That’s a shame. You shouldn’t kill a rabbit, never. Especially on campus.
2. Yes, I would like to stay on campus but only if it wasn’t Goodricke. If I could change the college I was in, then I would stay for all my course.
3.Really good impression. There is a good atmosphere, nice people and it’s a nice place.
4. They should let societies use the dining hall.

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