The Levellers, ‘Truth and Lies’

Brighton based folk-rock-punk group The Levellers have a sound and cult following that is the stuff of legend. In 1994 the band headlined Glastonbury to the biggest main stage crowd in the festivals history, and with their new album they stick to their musical roots which gave us the 90s crusty classics Beautiful Day and Far From Home.
Truth and Lies captures the infectious live energy of the band in the opening track Last Man Alive which is almost a throwback to the anthemic sound of One Way and Make You Happy. As the first single to be released, it shows that the band can still make a great pop song. For Us All sees the band at their most folky with some sublime fiddle playing and a kazoo solo.

Truth and Lies is an album that was born to be heard live and loud, and when The Levellers played a recent gig in Leeds the songs made the transition from studio to stage effortlessly and with the conviction of a band that has been on the road for the last fifteen years and made more albums than you could shake a fiddle at.

Although the first few tracks give Truth and Lies a phenomenal opening, the mixing leaves something to be desired. By the end of the album you get the feeling that the band have used the best songs first and the record seems to lose its sense of energy from then on.

(Laurence Newman)

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  1. To every Levellers fan whoever reads this:
    greetings from Hungary
    Love the Levs 4 ever!

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