Now what Labour?

nouse have covered much to do with the student effort against modern poverty. Stories on the Make Poverty History campaign, student moves against Fruit of the Loom, and in this edition, Speak and their publicity effort to live on one dollar a day (the standard poverty line), have all shown the student commitment to a war on the biggest killer of our age.

These very students form a large part of a local electorate who this general election voted by majority to send two Labour chaps to parliament to represent us – both City of York and Selby stayed as Labour Party seats. Now that ‘we’ have given them their jobs back, what are they going to do? If they have any sense, they will push the issue of poverty with a view to the next election, especially if they want to claw back any of the 49 per cent of the student vote that the Liberal Democrats witheld from them this time. If Blair goes, or perhaps even if he doesn’t, Labour have a chance to take the focus off Bush’s imperialist war on terror, and have an attempt at something less gung-ho.

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