In the wake of the Sudan-1 farce, covered in the last edition of nouse, you may have been forgiven for thinking Costcutter would pay a bit more attention to what was on its shelves. However, a quick inspection of the cheese section at the Market Square store would quickly flatten that thought.

You will not only find Cheshire cheese at the outrageous price of £1.45 per 200g but also that it’s out of date. Now admittedly it is only a few days out of date so perhaps Costuctter management would think it unreasonable to make such a fuss… Not if it’s glowing blue within the packet! I bet it will still be there tomorrow despite the fact that I told one of the cashiers. Costcutter needs to get it’s act together, you’d think that with it’s monopoly on campus it might actually consider listening to its customer base.

John Atkinson – James College

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