Chariots of mire

On a more serious note, let me just send a big shout out to our courageous Roses athletes, who have, or will have by the time you read this, been sweating for the glory of this most coveted prize.

I speak of course of our elite team of Canoe Polo players, who could have won it for us last year if only their sport was worth about fifty more points than anything else. Sadly it was worth flip all, but I’d like to pledge my support for them anyway. If nothing else, at least we’ll win the Ultimate Frisbee competition.

This year is particularly special because it marks the 520th anniversary of the first ever time this prize was originally awarded to Lancaster in 1485. Granted the trophy was a lot bigger then, about the size of a small island in fact, but it still means a lot to a couple of people, even though it’s now very tiny and inconsequential.

(David Cole)