Enough of what our writers and editors have to say,we sent reporters to find out what York students think of today’s issues.

1.How safe do you think campus is at night?
2.Will you be voting in the SU elections?
3.How do you feel about Ikon and Diva closing last week?
4.Does the sale of Sudan-1 products in Costcutter concern you?

Name: James Monroe
College: Goodricke
Course: Biology
Year: 2nd Year

1. I believe it is safe. I work in a pub, and work late here. I feel
safe here, coming home at 3 in the morning.
2. I wont be voting as it’s probably not that worthwhile.
3. I think its a bit of shame as it’s the biggest club in York, So you could actually have a bit of room to dance. It’s just going to make the other clubs more compact. I’ve heard Ziggy’s is to be refurbished too, so it will be very compact now.
4. I don’t worry about it.

Name: Sarah Leighs
College: James
Course: Managment, IT, Language
Year: 1st Year

1. Yes I do think it is. You don’t see many people around.
2. Yes I will be voting, I think it’s important that students be involved in the political thing.
3. Apart from Fresh and Re-Fresh I haven’t really been to Ikon and Diva. It’s a bit too much hassle if you want to get the bus, and too expensive if you want to leave early. A lot of my friends wern’t bothered either, so we didn’t go.
4. Im not really affected by it.

Name: James Thorniley
College: Halifax
Course: Electronics
Year: 3rd year

1. Reasonably, I’ve never had any problems.
2. Well I will because I always do, but i wouldn’t say it makes that much difference as most the posts aren’t contested anyway. Im not sure it makes a lot of difference to students which candidates gets in, to be honest.
3. Im not bothered, i’ve never even been out for a night at Ikon and Diva.
4. Im not worried at all. There are only tiny amounts.

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