I would consider Varsity to be a very cheap eat. Typical meal deals include two meals for £5, however, if you have an exciting varsity card, which I’d recommend, you can receive 25% off all drinks. The portions sizes are surprisingly quite large and I was surprised by the variety of food on the menu. For example you can create a chip bowl, with a range of toppings such as: egg, mushrooms, beans and chilli, in whatever combination that takes your fancy! Although, my friend had this and although it sounded exciting in theory, it was not so tasty in reality.

I liked the idea of the buckets to share, as they are a fun concept and you can nibble away with friends at lunch or as a starter. I had a hot baguette with side salad; my baguette was delicious, although I cannot say the same for the side salad. My one attempt of the week at being healthy failed miserably when I ended up leaving the majority of the salad, as it lacked flavour, was limp and the coleslaw was poor.

Varsity is not only good value during the day, but at night also. Two pitchers can cost only £5 and they pride themselves at not being beaten on price. The place is normally packed on Friday and Saturday nights with a young crowd and loud music. If you think it’s worth braving the crowd for cheap drinks then definately pay Varsity a visit.