Tuscany, Coney Street

Unexpectedly I like this place. So much in fact I’ve been back twice. The décor, although a little predictable is difficult to fault and I think successfully merges the original medieval with a modern bare-wood stainless steel interior. There was a slight mix-up with our booking- which is, in my mind totally unforgivable, especially as I rang up two hours before to change to non-smoking, following the near-miraculous and unsuspected success of my new year’s resolution.

The menu is nothing to write home about. The usual plethora of pizza and generic pasta dishes, with a noticeable lack of vegetarian options. I ordered gnocchi, and I have to say they were almost perfect. I always feel this is a dish which can be terribly difficult to get right, over cook them and its like eating old chewing gum, and hard, undercooked gnocchi is a sure way to get stomach ache; these were near-perfection and the dish was only let down by an evident lack of freshness in the tomato and basil ragu.

For wine, I drank a bottle of pinot grigo. It had to be sent back twice before we were served a non-oxidised bottle, but it was acceptable. On my second visit, I had a rather heady Mendoza Semillon, which was disappointing considering I know what quality this area of Argentina can produce. There are presently some very serious and great wines being bottled in Mendoza and San Juan – I just don’t know why we only ever seem to import the real filth.

The pizzas are a good size, and well cooked, although probably pre-prepared to a certain stage. The service was fine, lacked finesse and any real competency, but for a little Italianesque restaurant, it was to be expected. One thing to be said for it was a supremely swift service with the waitress’ being most efficient.

Pizza Tuscany is a good place to go for a quick, inexpensive and wholesome meal. It is, in my opinion, far superior to the other restaurants of this type in York. For those of you who are thinking where the poisonous vitriol is in this latest review, this doesn’t mark a change in character; Tuscany succeeds as far as in what it tries to be. It was good, and for what it is, does it well.