The Priory, Micklegate

For those of you who love dressing up as school girls, grannies or disney characters, falling over and being sick on their shoes before you even reach ziggys on a wednesday night, then the priory might appear to be a pleasing venue. It is easy to forget the absense of toilet roll in the ladies’, the rowdy clentelle and the uninspirational decor. But be warned, soberness makes this all the more apparent, tainting the enjoyment of the night.

Having said that you have to be vaguely pissed to enjoy most of the venues this historical city has to offer, and with this in mind the Priory is an excellent place to enjoy a drink or twelve. Just like asda it boasts permanently low prices – a bottle of blossom hill is under a fiver, and shots can be purchased for anything as low as a pound. Also, if you manage to get one, the sofas are perfect for slipping into a drunken stupor on, before you are carted off to dance like a fool in a sweaty room after having been forced to queue in the streets while wrestling with large men.

On top of the enticing delights of cheap booze and comfy sofas, which would have any self respecting student salivating with anticipation, the Priory offers pool and probably the coolest and most attractive bar staff in York. Look out for Paul and his piercing eyes.