Single Honours

This week I was involved in a debate with my friend James. He claimed that the future was, unavoidably Indie. I believe that an exciting new blend of jazz and electronica would fuse together and change the world. There is nothing to challenge the wail of the middle class guitar. With regret that I announce that the future is Indie. But some of it is rather good…

Mando Diao- You can’t steal my love
The name, and the CD sleeve, suggested crazy latino beats, so I was a little disappointed when I first listened to this Strokes- cum- Libertines inspired Indie (!) effort. However, I began to thaw by the bridge, and was properly warmed up by the chorus, which is eerily but delightfully reminiscent of Intastella’s The Night (remember that one, pop pickers?!). A joy. Do Me Bad Things – What’s Hideous? A funky, dirty, messy kind of a disco anthem, which bizarrely turns into the Richard and Judy theme tune in the middle, and then reverts back to its original form. A little like Bill Bailey’s Magic Roundabout with Secret Middle Section.

The Glitterati- You Got Nothing on Me
Exploding with more pent- up energy than a Sherbet dib-dab, this track is blatantly about a lot of hairy, sweaty men jumping up and down.
Which can only be a Good Thing. Initially it sounds like the kind of thing you could mosh angrily to whilst you got Snakebite spilt on your Converse, but on the second play a definite sleazy, Warhol-esqe undertone is apparent. And they have a lovely name, even if it does begin with ‘The’.

Phantom Planet- California
My obsession with The O.C. has reached such epidemic proportions that I have an addict’s dependency on this track. Personal issues beside, it’s a beautiful, evocative piece of guitar pop.