Roses underway

YORK ALREADY trail Lancaster 4-2 in this years Roses competition, but this is a score that actually gives York plenty to smile about coming into the Roses weekend.

The deficit is considerably smaller than the 10-0 score after the the opening Alpine Sports fixtures of the tournament, traditionally weak for York.

The Ski and Snowboard fixture which takes place before the weekend itself saw the snowboarders from both York and Lancaster mutually agree not to compete on the ski course which was not suited to snowboarding. The four points on offer in this tie, which York usually squander, were therefore not available. Additionally, the second team put in an excellent performance to win 2-1 and end a Roses whitewash in recent years, providing an encouraging result for York coming into the tournament.

The firsts lost 3-0, but the result sees York take points from a fixture that Lancaster typically dominate.

The main events in Roses will be contested in week three of Summer Term.