Oh rats!

Is it really a shock that rats have been flourishing in Goodricke? Animals who live in such filthy and squalid conditions are bound to attract rats. It’s a shame that all the other students in campus have to run the gauntlet through this infested college. When passing through Goodricke the options involve either daring the rats homeland or that of a rather large badger. What hope is there for peace of mind on campus when these animals dictate the way in which students live?

Don’t be fooled that you are safe off campus either. A student welfare survey by British Gas and the National Union of Students (NUS) shows the true extent of the pests affecting students. It shows private rented accommodation have had a 7% increase in vermin from the Health and Housing survey in 2001.

That’s a quarter of those students. So don’t be surprised if all those plates piled up in the sink start to acquire some new friends, that have burrowed into the house. Noone it seems is safe.