Lendal Cellars, St Helen’s Square

Lendal Cellars is the pretentious trendy studant’s haven. Yes, with it’s curved roof and basement bit you do feel like you’re in under the arches, but the totally wooden surroundings can get quite disconceritng after a while.

For a student hideaway this pub is surprisingly full of dodgy people who look like they haven’t seen the inside of a classroom since they were six. I think this is down to the vaguely cheap drinks and pool table where dirty men perve over nubile student girls leaning over with a big stick in their hand. However, they do play decent music with Red Hot Chilli Peppers being played at a high volume, almost obliterating any form of human speech for a 30 metre radius.

Then you’ve got the clientelle. People who think it’s cool to have the same hair as their girlfriends. People who would wear a ballgown and listen to Franz Ferdinand. There is nothing wrong with Franz Ferdinand in themselves, just the pretentious fools that strut around thinking they should have groupies. Unfortunately the bar staff are exactly the same, not even mentioning the length of time it took us to get served while being the only group at the bar.

So, if you fancy a night of cheap drinks but arguably the worst atmosphere in York, then go to Lendal Cellars. Or just skip the ordeal and head to Bar 38. Pure pretension itself.